Beccy Joe PAGAN ABANDON Drawings on paper, spanning 2009-2014 / June 20-21.

Images by Melissa Wilson and Anna Jaaniste.

Artist Statement:  I started doing art while living in a van in North America in 2007 with my companion bj rossiter. I had a pocket size sketchbook and some dishevelled school-era pencils. I started drawing features and symbols of the landscape and then evolved the pictures into designs. I continue to draw in this way, with a focus on colours. I use pencils, pens and some paints. I also use rulers, set-squares and other geometric instruments that would be relegated to the dustbin of history if I knew how to use the modern computer software that would allow me to do such things in way less time.


Neil Mansfield  UNDERFOOT: Relics of 20th Century Hopes and Dreams  Found Ephemera, Mixed Media in 2D, 3D and 4D / May 22-31.

Images by Anna Jaaniste.


4 rituals poster

Anna Jaaniste 4 RITUALS: #1 Preparation  Durational performance / 12-8pm 15 May.

Images by Neil Mansfield.

Artist Statement: As an artist, I feel what I offer to the world is my hands. For me, the role of the artist is to give and receive unconditionally. Please accept the expression of my self through my hands. I offer them to you freely. It is also the role of the artist to cultivate an inner richness and listening. I do this whilst giving to the world. I’d like to perform this sustained gesture through the changing light of the day. I’ve chosen to perform this over an eight-hour period to reflect a standard work-day.



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